Reasons Quality Control Is Vital in the Fabrication Industry

Quality control ensures customers receive their products without any faults or deficiencies. This process keeps people safe when using your products and helps prevent the need for recalls. Of course, there are many other justifications for staying on top of this process. Here are four reasons quality control is vital in the fabrication industry.

Safer Products

Ensuring your products arrive defect-free is the basic expectation of all consumers. The biggest reason why quality control is so important is that it helps achieve this goal and shows users your product is safe. Few things bring a company down quicker than a litany of lawsuits resulting from negligence or failure to follow safe practices.

Safer products also include the tools the machinists are using. For example, one of the features in a drill press is the drill accuracy, which ensures your products are correctly built. Quality control and safety include knowing and using the proper tools at the correct times in the machine shop to get the job done right.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is another good reason to follow proper quality control standards. When your customers know your products are reliable and arrive on time, they will continue using your items. High customer satisfaction also makes it more likely for your clients to refer others to your business if they are happy.

Reduced Material Use

One of the biggest reasons quality control is vital in the fabrication industry is that it helps reduce the chances of a recall. A recall is bad for business for many different reasons, including a loss of reputation that is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to recover from. There is also the responsibility to contact your customers to replace or refund (and sometimes both!) any defective products. Finally, there is the new cost of the materials for the replacements, plus the additional labor for the reproductions. As you can see, even a simple mistake can lead to enormous financial and material costs.

Regulatory Compliance

The final reason to ensure your fabrication company follows good quality control practices is to stay within any regulations. These can include worker safety, product standards, and transportation practices, among a host of other laws and requirements. Staying compliant with your area’s governing rules and regulations will help ensure your fabrication shop remains open and productive.

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Written by Logan Voss

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