How To Become a Certified Dump Truck Driver

The material transportation industry is an incredibly lucrative one for many. With construction a dominant force in modern infrastructure, this field is known for its high demand and competitive salary. This is why those who love working with their hands find these jobs a very appealing option. Dump truck operators see a lot of demand for their expertise. If you want to get a start in this industry, read on to learn how to become a certified dump truck driver.

Choose Which Qualifications You Want

To begin the certification process, you should determine the specific certifications you want. You can acquire several different types of commercial driver’s licenses in this career, and each allows you to drive certain vehicle models. You may want to apply for more than one to increase your marketability. But when you’re first starting out, consider choosing between a class A and class B certification. Class A allows you to operate most dump trucks over 10,000 pounds, while class B allows you to drive models that exceed 26,000 pounds.

Complete Your Certification Course

Once you know what certifications you want to acquire, the next step to becoming a certified dump truck driver is to sign up and complete a designated course. To qualify for a CDL, trainees must complete a set number of hours behind the wheel and receive education on how to handle a dump truck. In these courses, you’ll cover everything from safe operation practices to maintaining the equipment to transporting certain types of materials. This way, you’ll be prepared for anything once you’re actually on the job.

Determine the Need for Additional Testing

However, it isn’t always enough to have a CDL. In many cases, dump truck drivers must also spend some time acquiring additional certifications. These credentials, known as endorsements, demonstrate that an individual is experienced in certain operational activities. Some of these include operating combination vehicles or using models equipped with air brakes. The endorsements required for a dump truck driver position will depend on your specific job responsibilities. You may need to obtain them after your CDL.

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Written by Logan Voss

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