The Benefits of Having an Office Break Room

Though the bulk of office work gets done at our desks, not all daily happenings should be confined to these areas. In fact, it’s important that employees feel encouraged to get up and get a change of scenery every once and a while. This is where break rooms become vital to a workplace’s overall functioning. But, if you think that’s where the advantages end, you’re wrong. These are the benefits of having an office break room and the role they play in keeping individuals healthy, happy, and productive.

Encourages Employees to Take Breaks

Employers must allow their employees to take occasional breaks throughout their day. However, despite this, many individuals simply opt not to in the interest of getting more work done. This is one of the surest ways to develop mental fatigue and, ultimately, burnout before it’s even time to clock out. Fortunately, just by having an accessible break room, these workers feel more encouraged to utilize their breaks—allowing them to decompress and return to their duties feeling refreshed.

Increases Overall Productivity

With less stress to occupy their minds, workers are also more likely to show an increase in productivity following their breaks. Break rooms help with this by providing a physical location away from a person’s tasks—which makes it easier to temporarily take their minds off of them. So, when they go back to their desks afterwards, they can approach a problem with a new set of eyes and develop a solution much sooner.

Provides a Space for Brainstorming

Another benefit of having an office break room is the additional space it offers for brainstorming and problem solving. While conference rooms are typically the number one place to go for this kind of thinking, break rooms can provide just as much of a new perspective. Believe it or not, some people find them easier to focus in than the quiet and removed meeting chambers.

Promotes a Stronger Community

But above all else, break rooms foster a sense of community among employees because they allow them to sit and converse with one another. Depending on what you decide to place in this area, they can also be used to play games and promote overall team bonding. This can go a long way in creating a positive company culture and stimulating your employees’ need for social interaction.

As you can see, break rooms are at the epicenter of what makes a well-rounded workplace environment. But, if you want it to be everything your team needs, you need to design it with those specifications in mind. Making the most of this process now can go a long way in setting your team up for success in the years to come.

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Written by Logan Voss

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