Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem After Failure

Nobody likes to experience failure in life, but it’s inevitable. Understanding that failure is essential to learning will help you grow as you move through the world. Successful people know that failure doesn’t bring them down but helps them strive toward another opportunity.

Even with an optimistic mindset, recovering from a failure can be heartbreaking and will take some time. Learn how to recoup your confidence and move forward with these helpful ways to boost your self-esteem after failure.


As it’s happening, failing seems like the end of the world—which is a very valid feeling. Take some time to mourn what you’ve lost. Then, after accepting the situation, you should strive to see the problem as failing forward and not falling down.

By viewing your circumstance as an opportunity, you can place yourself in a positive mindset that will fuel an inner strength to overcome fears and move forward.

Take a moment to reflect on what you could have done differently, but never dwell. Then, after some reflection, focus on what lies ahead. Taking action will propel you toward your next step.

Move Forward

Moving forward after a failure isn’t easy, but there are some ways to take action:

  • Use past mistakes to point you in another direction.
  • Get excited about new possibilities.
  • Track your progress.
  • Accept where you are in life.
  • Remind yourself you’ve grown into a different person.


A critical step to recovering your confidence involves forgiving yourself. We all falter, and nobody is perfect. You should feel no shame in your failure. Feeling regret and guilt will only keep you mired in the loss.

Find movement and action through forgiveness. Speak kindly to yourself, and acknowledge the experience as painful, but know you’re a different person and are on your way toward something better.

Using these simple but effective ways to boost your self-esteem after failure will help you rebuild your confidence. Having the freedom to fail opens up possibilities you never imagined before.

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Written by Logan Voss

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