The Dangers of Cutting Your Own Hair

We’re always looking to cut costs. Turning a few takeout nights into home-cooked meals saves money and usually cuts down on that dreaded sodium bloat, too. And maybe we don’t have to run the AC at 68 degrees in the summer when 74 is just fine. But one of the worst ways you can try to cut costs is by cutting your own hair. Some decisions truly don’t belong in your own hands, and neither do your scissors. Here are some of the dangers of cutting your own hair at home. This is one job you should leave to the professionals.

The Worst Bangs Since the Halifax Explosion of 1917

Have you ever looked at some of those old pictures of yourself as a little kid where you were sporting some terribly unfortunate bangs? That was most likely your mom’s handiwork, and by trying to trim your own bangs yourself, you’ll probably follow in her footsteps by giving yourself equally regrettable bangs. Trimming your bangs or transitioning them into a longer style is something you’ll want to entrust to your stylist, who knows that while baseball may be a game of inches, hair is a game of millimeters, and tiny details make the difference between chic and clunky.

You Won’t Save Money

Messing up your hair leaves you with two choices, neither of them good: you can grimly resign yourself to the truism that “hair grows” and show up to your video calls and errands with goofy-looking hair in the meantime, or you can admit defeat and see your stylist to fix your errors, spending the money you set out to save in the first place. To avoid having to make the most of a bad situation, skip straight ahead to visiting your salon and getting a trim from someone with more capable hands than your own.

Unevenness Is Odd

Are you left-handed or right-handed? It doesn’t matter, because one of the dangers of cutting your own hair is that whether you’re dominant on one side or the other, it’s going to manifest in your hair, giving your locks an uneven look. Unless you’re trying to bring back those artistically angular New Wave hairstyles of the 1980s, you’re only going to give yourself that slightly off-balance appearance that will draw jeers or, worse, silent pity.

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Written by Logan Voss

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