The Importance of Community-Based Programs

One of the most challenging things about the pandemic was that it took away our sense of community. Since we had to stay home, many community-based organizations suffered. This was a real shame, because these initiatives can be incredibly beneficial. This article will discuss the importance of community-based programs and prove that more towns need to invest in these types of things.

Fix Behavioral Issues

At-risk youth need community-based programs to keep them in good standing. Things such as prevention education can keep children out of gangs. If children are given other avenues to express themselves, they’ll be less likely to turn to violence. Community-based programs also give kids a sense of socialization they’d miss out on elsewhere.

Address Community Needs

Another reason no one should underestimate the importance of community-based programs is that these programs address community needs. Big cities typically get resources from the government before smaller towns do. For this reason, smaller towns must create programs that address needs the government didn’t acknowledged. For example, reading programs run through the library can address literacy issues among residents.

Reduce Isolation

The sad reality is that some people don’t have friends or family members nearby to keep them company. That’s why community programs are great for addressing problems of social isolation. These initiatives promote a sense of togetherness. No one should be excluded from these programs—this means that everyone is welcome and that isolation is reduced overall.

Community-based programs are coming back now that people are getting vaccinated. We must celebrate these incentives since we couldn’t do anything last year. The best part is that these programs offer many benefits that should never be overlooked. For starters, these initiatives keep kids off the streets by giving them something social to do. These programs can also address community needs since government funds often go to bigger cities. Smaller towns should invest in these incentives to bring everyone together.

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Written by Logan Voss

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