7 Most Unusual Lollipops You Can Buy

Do you have a favorite sucker? Lollipops have truly evolved since their modern invention in the early 1900s. People love them so much that the National Confectioners Association named July 20 National Lollipop Day. The best way to celebrate is with any of the seven most unusual lollipops you can buy. Uncover unique flavors, fun shapes, and hidden surprises in this list of novelty candies you can gift to your favorite sucker.

1. Sour Flush Lollipops

Available in an assortment of flavors, such as watermelon, grape, and blue raspberry, Sour Flush Candy has been around for decades and includes more than a lollipop. The added element is a (novelty) toilet bowl full of sour powder in which you dip the sucker. Adding the powder is what turns the lollipop into an unusual experience.

2. Insect Candy

Created by HOTLIX, Insect Candy is a novelty treat that excites some and scares others. Their sucks include a range of different bugs, including scorpions, ants, crickets, and more. The suckers are eye-catching due to the brightly colored sugar the company pours around each bug.

3. Tabasco Lollipops

If you like Tabasco and candy, you’ll love this sweet and spicy combination. Though it looks like a simple rectangular sucker, this unusual lollipop packs a great deal of flavor. Beware the heat if you aren’t familiar with the original product.

4. Crazy Bones Lollipops

This unique lollipop is popular at Halloween because it features a skeleton hand for the stick. The entire sucker looks incredibly creepy. It comes in several flavors, such as green apple, orange, and grape.

5. Spinner Pops

If you like fidget spinners, you’ll love Spinner Pops. If anyone ever told you not to play with your food, they just haven’t seen these suckers. Spinner Pops are designed for play. You can spin them while eating them or between licks.

6. Tequila Pops

Representing the popular tequila Mezcal, Tequila Pops are a sweet rectangle of sugar on a stick. Like the popular tequila brand, the sucker also includes a worm. The worm is made for human consumption and goes well with the candy.

7. Habanero Lollipops

You can find several types of pepper-flavored lollipops. In addition to the Habanera Lollipop, you can also get a Jalapeno Lollipop and a Chili Pepper Lollipop. These suckers contain the juice of the pepper as well as sugar to form the pop.

Share these seven most unusual lollipops you can buy with your friends, and see which ones they’ve had before. You may be surprised to find which of these novelty candies your peers have already tried. If you are looking for Insect Candy, Flush Toilets, or any other unique lollipops, look online or shop at old-fashioned candy stores in your area.

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Written by Logan Voss

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