Why You Should Consider a Career in Truck Driving

When you’re looking to start a new career, you likely have a million questions: Will I make enough money? Will I be able to advance? What will my work-life balance look like? Many people opt for the traditional nine-to-five, where they always know exactly when they’re going in and getting out. A set schedule like that can get monotonous, and it certainly isn’t for everybody. If you want the freedom to set your own schedule and choose your free time, here are a few reasons why you should consider a career in truck driving.

Great Pay

Truck-driving jobs are known for their high starting salary and strong opportunities for advancement as you progress. While wages vary, depending on whether you work for a large shipper (such as Walmart) or as an owner-operator, the average starting salary for an owner-operator is currently $40,000. Truck driving is an excellent job choice for people who want to start earning a high annual salary right away without having to spend years learning the ropes. While the job does require some education on procedures to obtain your CDL and certification, the starting salary is typically well worth it.


In addition to good compensation, most owner-operators have no trouble finding loads if they need them. As such, if you want to work in the trucking sector, you’ll always have work.  Capacity (the number of truckers versus the number of items that require transportation) is particularly limited right now, but this is dependent on the market. As the demand for truck drivers grows, you will have many opportunities to advance in this career.

You Can See the Country

Do you love to travel? Do you enjoy going out on road trips? Long-haul truck driving may be the ideal career choice for you if you enjoy driving and exploring new areas. Drivers and owner-operators travel, on average, 2,000-3,000 miles each week, making them some of the most well-traveled people in the country. For many, this is the primary reason why you should consider a career in truck driving.

When you consider the pay, the job stability, and the ability to see the entire country, trucking starts to become more and more attractive as a career option. Even with the advancement of air transport, planes can’t get everywhere; in fact, cargo often goes from planes onto trucks to finish their journey. There will always be a need for truck drivers, and there will always be work to do!

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Written by Logan Voss

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