The Different Kinds of Product Label Finishes

When creating customized labels for products, most businesses focus their attention on label design and information. While developing a professional design and legible information for labels is crucial, fixating on these elements can also cause companies to overlook a vital detail: label finishes.

The type of finish a company prints on its labels can completely transform the presentation of a product’s packaging. While it’s beneficial that there are so many different kinds of product label finishes to choose from, finding the right finish for your products can be overwhelming.

To simplify your selection process, we’ve listed the most popular and distinct label finishes below.  

Varnish Finish 

Perhaps the most used and popular label finish is varnish. Varnish finishes create a sleek topcoat that protects labels from developing smudged ink and cracked designs. This finish works best for companies that want their products to have a classic, elegant appearance.

Gloss Varnish Finish 

While classic varnish finishes are standard for many product labels, sometimes companies prefer to use a more eye-catching and unique finish.

Gloss varnish finishes are ideal for businesses hoping to add a sophisticated layer of dimension to their packaging labels. Gloss finishes add layers of shine that laminate and seal in labels.

Matte Varnish Finish 

Prefer to steer clear of shiny glosses? Consider opting for a matte varnish finish instead. A matte varnish finish gives labels, colors, and illustrations a highly texturized look without excess shine.

Since matte finishes have a flatter texture compared to varnish, it’s best to use highly bold and radiant colors with this finish. Using eye-catching colors with this texturized finish will create a unique, cool, and modern presentation for your products.

Foil Finish

Although foil finishes are less common, businesses may use foil finishes for specialty products. The metallic, intensely shiny reflection of this finish is guaranteed to attract customers’ attention and gauge their interest.

Since the material of this finish is so visually dominant, we recommend businesses use this finish with more simplistic and toned-down illustrations and label designs. Creating this balance between your labels and foil finish will prevent customers from feeling overwhelmed by your packaging.

Custom Finish

When designing a custom label, why not also create a custom finish? When you use advanced printing machinery such as industrial label printers and printing presses, this technology provides software that allows users to customize the design of their labels and finishes.

With a highly unique and personalized seal, your business’s packaging will be highly distinguishable on store shelves.

Focusing on the design and information on your labels is crucial, but don’t forget to consider the finish on your packaging as well. Look over the different kinds of product label finishes and choose a finish that best complements your products.

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Written by Logan Voss

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