Top 4 Must-Have Pickup Truck Accessories

A stock truck is a marvelous thing, but you can make it even better. From convenience to safety, we’ve compiled a list of only the most essentials upgrades. Here are the top four must-have pickup truck accessories.

Step Bars

This is the best first upgrade for a new pickup truck owner, and it’s an absolute necessity. Pickup trucks are high off the ground as it is, but many people are opting to raise them even higher with lift kits and new tires. That makes step bars even more necessary, as clambering into your cab can get annoying fast.

In addition to making your life easier, step bars provide good protection from scrapes and dings to your vehicle in parking lots due to the fact that they jut out slightly from the sides of your truck.

Bed Liners

To properly protect your truck bed from weather, equipment, and anything else you’re hauling, you need a truck bed liner. Get a rugged, impact-proof liner and save your truck bed from getting ripped to shreds over the years by heavy metal equipment. There’s also the added bonus that bed liners make your truck bed more comfortable for you when you’re crawling around in it!

Cargo Net

Throwing gear or goods into the back of your pickup without a way to secure them is a sure way to cause damage. Investing in a cargo net will prevent a lot of headaches down the road and will save you good money, too. Make sure you go for a heavy-duty net that’ll last a long time.

Traction Bars

If you’re planning on hauling heavy loads or towing anything, you’ll want traction bars. In addition to increasing your towing and load capacity, traction bars help prevent axle-wrap and stabilize your truck, making it less likely to roll. There are tons of reasons you need traction bars for your truck, so we strongly encourage looking into them.

Now that you’re armed with the top four must-have pickup truck accessories, you can start upgrading your truck and enjoying the convenience that these improvements bring!

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Written by Logan Voss

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