Tips for Improving Safety at Your Warehouse

Warehouses have a slew of hazards throughout their spaces. Depending on what materials your warehouse works with, some material mishandling and other issues could result in serious harm to employees and infrastructure. As all corporations should, your company must prioritize safety to avoid endangering staff, facing fines, and dealing with costly equipment damages. Read on to learn tips for improving safety at your warehouse.

Relieve Manual Labor With Machinery Where Possible

When you allow machines to help workers with strenuous manual labor, you reduce your company’s payroll expenses and costs for workplace injuries. Therefore, incorporate versatile machinery in your warehouse to minimize accidents.

Reliable machinery is also one of the greatest assets to warehouse productivity. The advantages of conveyor systems and other high-grade equipment include maximizing safety and profitability.

Schedule and Encourage Employee Breaks

Warehouse operations can be taxing on the body. Schedule and encourage employee breaks. A quick break to stretch, recoup, hydrate, and participate in other acts of self-care will contribute to employee safety and overall satisfaction with the company.

Implement Clear Signage in Hazardous Areas

Identify your warehouse’s most hazardous areas with vibrant signage and cautionary alarms. Providing a vivid forewarning to staff members that they’re entering a more dangerous section will prompt them to remain much more alert.

Enforce Proper Uniform Requirements

Open-toe shoes, extra loose clothing, jewelry—these are some articles that can become snagged on machinery and shelving. For your employees’ safety, enforce uniform restrictions. Require employees (and visitors) to do the following to adhere to safety precautions at your warehouse.

  • Wear closed-toe shoes
  • Remove dangly jewelry
  • Tuck in any loose clothing
  • Tie up long hair and keep facial hair at a shorter length

Maintain Sanitary Conditions

Dust and debris can accumulate quickly in a warehouse. Dirty conditions can negatively impact the health of your employees and machinery.

Therefore, our final tip for improving safety at your warehouse is to maintain your company warehouse’s conditions by scheduling routine maintenance. An investment in cleanliness can save you from a financial downfall due to employee health issues and faulty machinery.

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Written by Logan Voss

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