Good Habits Beginner Woodworkers Should Know

Every woodworker, no matter what their particular craft is, needs to lay a solid foundation to build upon when developing their skill. Following some good habits beginner woodworkers should know will create this foundation, ensuring that they protect themselves as well as preserve their equipment in the long term. Go into the hobby knowing the expectations and methods to eliminate and potential risks to your person and equipment.

Start Your Projects Slow

If you lack the experience, rushing your projects can expose you to dangers you can otherwise avoid by taking your time. There’s no rush to finish a project if doing so means endangering yourself and others in the process.

Know your skill level and what you’re comfortable with; the more proficient you become at your craft, the faster your work inevitably becomes. Take your time until you familiarize yourself with the tools and processes.

Know When To Sharpen Your Tools

The rate of deterioration differs depending on the type of woodworking you do; it will take time for your tools to fail from whittling, but woodturning significantly accelerates the degradation. Because of the speed of woodturning, it’s critical that turners know when to sharpen their tools; this is far more prevalent than other woodworking techniques.

Regardless of the medium, you always need to inspect your equipment and sharpen it accordingly; dull edges will reduce the ease of working and can ruin the wood surface as your work.

Always Wear The Necessary Safety Equipment

If you work with a buzzsaw or similar equipment that has high RPM, it’s essential you wear protective goggles to protect your eyes. Flying debris and splinters can shoot off wood pieces, and without protection, they can pierce your eyes and face.

Additionally, there will be times when your woodworking creates fine wood dust, and it will prove dangerous if you inhale it. Wear respirators when appropriate to filter out harmful debris from the air and protect your lungs from respiratory illnesses. Never start working without the right safety wear to protect yourself.

Keep Reminders at All Times

It will take time for these tendencies to become routine, and you need to constantly remind yourself until they do. Always practice the good habits woodworkers should have; they can improve the quality of your work and keep you safe and healthy.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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