Best Places To Hunt Deer in Texas This Year

Texas is a beautiful state filled with all kinds of wildlife, such as whitetail deer, alligators, and pronghorn antelope. This fact makes it a popular place for hunters during the fall. However, it’s also a large state. So, if you want to hunt successfully, you need to know where to go. Read on and discover the best places to hunt deer in Texas this year.

Piney Woods

When people think of Texas, they often imagine a desert filled with tumbleweeds and cowboys. While this image is accurate for some areas of the state, other locations have forests, rivers, and crystal-clear lakes. Pine forests cover the majority of East Texas, and they are excellent places to hunt whitetail deer. While the deer in East Texas aren’t as large as those in Southern Texas, they are healthy and plentiful. Additionally, the trees provide shade from the scorching sun, so the Piney Woods is a great region to hunt during the day.

Southern Texas

One of the ways to become a successful hunter this year is to be aware of your surroundings. When you stay mindful in this way, you can find the best game and keep yourself safe from large predators. While Southern Texas has dangerous predators, such as mountain lions, it’s also home to many large whitetail bucks. Thorn brush and cacti cover this part of Texas, and it’s an ideal habitat for large, healthy deer.

Hill Country

Another one of the best places to hunt deer in Texas this year is the Hill Country. With plenty of wide-open spaces and large whitetail bucks, the Texas Hill Country is a popular destination for hunters during the fall. Additionally, it’s a rural area with small towns spread far apart, so the deer don’t encounter humans regularly. If you decide to hunt in the Hill Country, keep in mind that there’s a bag limit of five deer per year in this area.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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