How To Attract Honey Bees to Your Garden

Gardeners want honey bees to stop by their gardens so that they can benefit from the animals’ pollinating skills. However, most people don’t know the first thing about how to attract honey bees to their garden. Read this article, and soon, your garden will be buzzing with a whole bunch of honey bees.

Give Them Shade

Just like people, honey bees can only work outside in the hot sun for so long before they tire themselves out. If you feel like your garden could use a few more honey bees, attract them to you with some shade. For instance, coleus is a big, leafy plant you can grow in pots to create some much-needed shelter for our buzzing friends.

Give Them Water

Another excellent method to attract honey bees to your garden is to install a small water feature, as these can do wonders for your pollinator population. The best way to create a bee bath is to take a shallow bowl and fill it with water. Place pebbles into the bowl until they reach just above the water’s surface. That way, honey bees can stand on the pebbles and drink from the water.

Pick Colors Honey Bees Love

You can also attract honey bees by adding plants and decor that appeal to their sense of sight. Honey bees love purple, blue, and yellow plants. If you keep these colors in mind as you build your garden, you will see more honey bees come to you in the long run.

Get an Apiary

Instead of attracting the honey bees, you could always just buy your own and bring them straight to your backyard. Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby, especially if you like quality time in nature. Learn how to pick the right spot in your backyard for an apiary. Once you get your hive settled, you can enjoy easy access to honey bees, not to mention their honey.

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Written by Logan Voss

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