Amazing Things Made From Recycled Plastics

Not long ago, humanity dreamed of having the knowledge and ability to harness plastic on a molecular level to make better use out of it. Due to the polluted state of the world, many people and organizations are making a valiant effort to change things and clean up the mess. But plastic production is also necessary for many applications. The result of this is some truly amazing things made from recycled plastics. These improve the state of the world.

Plastic Containers and Parts

Admittedly, this is a broad category. But it’s surprising just how many items can include recycled polyethylene, which is a specific type of plastic. They include shampoo bottles, shopping bags, computer hardware cases, fuel tanks for vehicles, and wood-like planks, to name just a few. The advantages of using polyethylene for plastic parts are numerous. Besides being recyclable, this material is strong and durable.

Plastic Roads

In some places, recycled plastics become broken down and combined with special additives to create synthetics that mimic asphalt. Believe it or not, there are roads constructed with these polymers that are reducing the carbon footprint on the planet that laying asphalt creates. Although polymers might not be perfect materials, they’re certainly better than what we have been using.

Wooden Plastics

Scientists in certain countries have now started to create a new type of cellulose polymer that is completely natural and biodegradable. It has taken grocery and food packaging to new heights. This is the first plastic to remain completely ecologically friendly, as it degrades into organic material.

Depolymerization and Bacteria

Through science, new discoveries have been made by means of plastic products that allow people to break down plastics. Through this, plastic producers can now degrade non-degradable plastics back into their original forms as oil.

This is revolutionary because people can reuse these oils to lubricate machines and automobiles. At the same time, it’s also helping to clean up the planet.

On the same note, there are specialized bacteria that can create plastics. These bacteria produce PHA, a biodegradable plastic. PHA is a type of polyester akin to polyethylene.

The future of the world looks very bright with all the plastic innovations that scientists are making. The world has been in a crisis for years now, with no solution to the problem of plastics. But that may not always be the case.

Now people have something to believe in, with multiple methods of reusing, renewing, and recycling plastics in new and inventive ways. And these are just some of the amazing things made from recycled plastics.

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Written by Logan Voss

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