What Veterinarians Should Do if a Pet Swallows Something

If you’ve ever dealt with a beloved pet swallowing a harmful item, you know the fear that comes with this scary situation. Nothing is more nerve-racking to a pet owner than waiting for results as your sweet friend is away with the vet. Check out these standard procedures if you’ve ever wondered what veterinarians should do if a pet swallows something.

Initial Examination

Upon arriving at the vet’s office or animal hospital, a veterinarian will conduct an initial examination to determine how severe the situation is. This examination consists of observing your pet’s mood, mannerisms, and physical state. Furthermore, vets will feel your animal’s abdomen and neck to try to locate the item.

Noninvasive Removal

If the swallowed item is in the throat or is otherwise easily removable, a veterinarian will commence a noninvasive operation. This can be as simple as opening the animal’s mouth and removing the item manually.

If the item is in the stomach but small enough to come back out, your vet may orally administer a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. This solution is an irritant to dogs and works quickly to expel swallowed items.

Internal Examination

Bigger items pose a more significant threat to pets, and the removal process is much tricker than other operations. Before deciding to conduct gastrointestinal surgery, veterinarians will begin an internal examination. They can achieve this by using X-ray machines, an ultrasound, or an endoscope. Some veterinarian practices use highly effective fluoroscopy methods to locate swallowed objects without having to sedate the animal.

Gastrointestinal Surgery

If your pet has swallowed a larger item and it requires invasive removal, a veterinarian will conduct gastrointestinal surgery. They will perform this procedure in the stomach and intestines.

As this treatment is quite severe, recovery for your pet may take between six weeks and four months. Rehabilitation is typically required following the surgery, with regular checkups and consistent post-op care. Your vet will provide you with all the essential details regarding the recovery of your pet.

Owning an animal is a rewarding decision, as they become a precious part of our family. Knowing what veterinarians should do if a pet swallows something will help put your mind at ease during those scary situations.

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Written by Logan Voss

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