Top Ways To Speed Up Construction Projects

A common stereotype of all construction projects is that they go over budget and never finish on time. While this stereotype is a bit more exaggerated than the actual situation, it has some truth. Here are the top ways to speed up construction projects and keep your clients happy.

Improve Your Planning

You can avoid the vast majority of construction hiccups with a little more time spent in the planning phase. Have you ever heard the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” It holds true in the world of construction. Proper planning allows you to avoid careless errors like bringing half the concrete you need for a foundation or taking a bulldozer when you need an excavator.

Talk to Your Crew

Ensure you keep lines of communication between you and your crew open for the duration of the project. Remember that they’re your eyes and ears on the ground, so they’ll spot potential problems, pitfalls, and possible solutions long before you can.

Maintain a healthy environment for communication so no worker ever feels uncomfortable making a suggestion to improve productivity. This open communication should go both ways; make sure your crew understands your expectations, goals, and the intended schedule for the project. No one should ever feel unsure as to the task at hand when on site; this leads to significant lost time.

Use a Design-Build Contractor

Efficiency drops when there are more points of contact for the client. When a client needs to interface with a designer and a contractor separately, things can get lost in translation. Instead, consider choosing a design-build contractor to manage the design and building processes. This reduces the chance for error while making your client’s life easier.

Now that you know the top ways to speed up construction projects, keep efficiency on the job site up while encouraging your team to remain open and productive.

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Written by Logan Voss

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