The Things You Need When Disaster Strikes

You probably won’t often face extreme danger, but nothing is worse than not being ready when something does happen. Every person should make preparations for dangerous times and figure out the things they need when disaster strikes.

Food and Water

The most important thing you’ll need in case of emergency is clean food and water. Store extra water and nonperishable food in your home; this will help you if you ever become stuck at home during a disaster.


We don’t think about it all too often, but clothing provides a lot of benefits for survival. Reducing exposure to the elements and keeping you warm are some vital functions that clothes provide. Keep some clothes ready for an emergency—at least several full sets that allow full movement.

Individually Powered and Portable Devices

Although the electricity might go out, technology can still be very useful in a disaster situation. Invest in portable devices that hold charges by themselves. Things such as a portable GPS and a radio will allow you to navigate and contact emergency services.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are extremely important, as even slight injury or illness can be a problem during a disaster. You should get a first aid kit along with any medicine you might need for survival. Stock up on this medicine, if possible ,so that you can treat any conditions you have until the disaster is over.


One thing people often forget is that proper lighting is very hard to come by if there’s no electricity. Plan for safe and portable lighting in your survival kit. Items such as rechargeable flashlights or candles can be life saving if a disaster happens at night.

These are the things you’ll need when disaster strikes—but only if you’re stuck in place. You’ll likely need a lot more items if you have to be on the move, such as things to stock a bug-out vehicle. Your best bet is getting several sets of items for the different locations and vehicles you might need during a disaster.

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Written by Logan Voss

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