Why You Need To Take Care of Your Lab Equipment

Laboratories rely on their equipment so much; it isn’t an exaggeration to say they are almost as important as the technicians themselves. Despite this, lab equipment can often go through a lot of unnecessary wear and tear because of misuse or lack of cleaning and maintenance. If you work in a lab, especially if you’re new, you may not realize the effect you have on this delicate equipment by using it every day. Here’s why you need to take care of your lab equipment to ensure success of your laboratory.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Labs can’t run efficiently without money to back them up. Unfortunately, many laboratories struggle with funding and need to make their current funds last as long as possible. Not taking care of your lab equipment means that every maintenance cycle will become more costly to everyone who used that piece of equipment. Keep that money focused on research, not on replacing misused equipment.

Ensure Longevity

Many pieces of sensitive lab equipment cost incredible amounts of money. Labs invest in these machines because they get results, but just like any investment, you must keep an eye on its progress. If you want to increase your equipment’s longevity, make sure you always keep up to date on the equipment’s status and maintenance schedule. Every time you use, clean, and prepare an instrument the correct way, you’re helping to prolong its life for the future.

Reduce Risk of Accidents

Depending on the research that takes place, scientific labs can be dangerous places. Chemicals, fire, fumes—all of these and more threaten lab technicians every day. Safety is one of the biggest reasons you need to take care of your lab equipment. Equipment that isn’t inspected, cleaned, or maintained regularly can malfunction in ways that can seriously harm someone.

More Reliable Results

It’s all about results when you work in a lab. For many scientific laboratories, reliable and accurate results are crucial. Even the slightest miscalculation on one tiny number can have a snowball effect that leads to extremely inaccurate data and unusable results. Taking care of your lab equipment is one of the simplest ways you can help everyone get more accurate results on their tests and measurements.

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Written by Logan Voss

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