Misconceptions About Chemical Manufacturing

Regular people are often unaware of how chemical manufacturing works, so it’s no surprise that the industry often gets a bad rap due to the spread of misinformation. This isn’t good—especially considering how pervasive and important chemicals are in our daily lives. To help soothe any fears and to put to rest any rumors surrounding the chemical industry, allow us to clear up a few misconceptions about chemicals manufacturing.

The Industry is Corrupt

Between faceless corporations and massive facilities made of steel and machinery, it’s easy to see why the chemical manufacturing industry can seem villainous—especially after infamous companies like DuPont. People typically assume these corporations are only concerned with their own greed and have no regard for human life. Keep in mind that it’s in their best interest to provide safe products to avoid getting stuck in legal battles.

It’s also common for people to focus on the failures and shortcomings of the chemical manufacturing industry rather than the benefits it has to offer. For example, much of modern medicine would be impossible without the chemicals manufacturers provide. Famine would still be a common issue if it weren’t for modern fertilizers.

Chemicals Are All Bad

It can be difficult to parse which chemicals are beneficial and which are dangerous when paranoia enforces the idea that all chemicals are bad. This is, unfortunately, the most common misconception about chemical manufacturing. The truth is that there are chemicals everywhere and in everything—so having an acute fear of chemicals is simply unrealistic.

Rather than avoiding chemicals, the best thing you can do is educate yourself. Research common chemicals like formaldehyde, for instance—learn what they do and what they’re used for. Gaining a better understanding can help diminish your fears. You’ll feel reassured once you understand how chemical manufacturers make their products safe and useable for the public.

You Can Lead a Chemical-Free Life

Despite what many lifestyle gurus or diet trends will try to tell you, it’s simply impossible to live a life completely devoid of chemicals. As we mentioned, chemicals are everywhere and in everything, including our very own bodies. If you want to improve your lifestyle, find a healthy balance in the necessary chemicals and nutrients you need. Chemical manufacturers ensure those beneficial chemicals are plentiful enough to be included in our food and medicines. Similarly, you shouldn’t be afraid of things like vaccines. They’re not putting anything in you that isn’t already being produced by your body or isn’t eliminated by your body’s natural defenses.

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Written by Logan Voss

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