5 Materials To Use When Building a Waste-Free Home

For a while, recycled materials were a bit of a fad. However, many recycled materials are more cost effective than we previously thought. Here are five materials to use when building a waste-free home with sustainability in mind.

Salvaged Steel

Steel is a key component in many structures, and luckily for homes that rely on heavy-duty framework, recycled steel is also available. Even when repurposed, steel is a long-lasting building material that’s safe for home construction. The art of steel recycling continues to successfully remove excess metal and scrap from our landfills.

Recycled Glass

Glass is a waste material that takes an incredible amount of time to break down. Reusing it in our homes is a simpler alternative to reducing waste. Recycled glass can play a role in many facets of new construction, from décor to foundational materials. It has also created some of the most unique houses on the market today!


Our understanding of ashcrete’s potential is still evolving to this day. Ashcrete might not sound appealing, but this concrete alternative comprises over 90% recycled materials, including fly ash and bottom ash. It’s one of many concrete alternatives that lower the need for cement and reduce waste. As a bonus, ashcrete cracks less often and even saves water.

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers regularly retire from their use as cargo transport on the open ocean and return to land. These giant metal boxes are instant framework for trendy homes around the country. Their durability and potential for modifications allow architects to truly get creative. In fact, turning them into real estate is only one many innovative ways people use shipping containers today.


Going green in your home’s construction even extends to your driveway. If you’re looking to avoid gravel and go with an asphalt drive, you can make the most of excess plastics by incorporating them into plasphalt. Mixed-quality plastics are mixed with pitch, lime, and gravel to create a longer-lasting road that provides a waste solution without a significantly hiked cost.

Some materials to use when building a waste-free home are still taking the initial steps in production and testing. Small businesses around the world are working to create more green alternatives that add variety and sustainability to the world of construction. Who knows what materials we’ll build homes out of 10 years from now!

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Written by Logan Voss

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