3 Red Flags To Look For When Buying a Home

There’s a lot to scan for at an open house, so it’s easy to miss a few key things that might spell disaster. In addition to the number of beds and baths, you should keep an eye out for foundational issues and freshly painted walls. Read on to learn more red flags to look for when buying a home.

Random Freshly Painted Walls

Many home sellers like to freshen up the paint before showing buyers around their homes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if it looks like most walls haven’t been repainted for years and there’s one conspicuously new-looking wall, that should raise your eyebrows.

Did the seller paint it to hide something they didn’t want buyers to see? It might be nothing, but you should ask them about it directly to get the truth.

Foundation Issues

A hairline crack or two is nothing to be worried about—these happen all the time and don’t betray any massive structural problems. However, look out for damage that is wider than half an inch. If you spot anything out of the ordinary, have a foundation contractor swing by and examine the crack. Also, don’t forget to scan for recent patches to the foundation—who knows what problems are lurking beneath?

Poor Communication

The last thing you need to watch for is bad communication, either with the sellers or their agents. There are a lot of warning signs of a bad real estate agent, but poor communication is a deal-breaker. That’s because these are the people with whom you’ll negotiate and talk through any issues—if you want to talk about the price and it takes days to get a response; they aren’t taking you seriously.

Now that you know these three red flags to look for when buying a home, put in the time up-front to ensure you get the house of your dreams!

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Written by Logan Voss

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