The Most Common Misconceptions About Wind Turbines

Nowadays, the demand for wind energy is steadily increasing. This type of renewable energy can even fulfill 1.2 percent of the electricity demand in the United States. But as more and more people get familiar with this technology, false beliefs also start to pile up, particularly with wind turbines. To avoid fake news, here are common misconceptions about wind turbines you should be aware of. 

They Kill a Lot of Birds 

No matter how widely people adopt wind energy, turbine-related deaths are unlikely to outnumber those caused by buildings or poisoning by pesticides and pollutants. In contrast to other human activities, wind turbines kill only a small percentage of birds. As a matter of fact, installing more clean, renewable energy sources like wind turbines saves the lives of countless birds on the planet. 

They Negatively Affect Livestock 

Like with birds, this is another fictitious story that relates wind turbines to the well-being of animals. But in this myth, there’s absolutely no farm animal life that is cut short. Often, people build wind turbines on land previously or currently used for farmland or cattle grazing. Wind turbines generally have no effect on livestock, and the animals can even graze along the turbine’s base safely. 

They Are Very Loud 

This statement used to be true, but not anymore. Wind turbines used to be quite noisy, but modern versions aren’t as intrusive to the ears. A wind turbine’s primary sound is a faint aerodynamic swoosh when the blades pass by its tower. A correctly positioned turbine is no louder than a fridge, which is one of the quietest noise levels. Even so, some neighbors complain, and the wind industry is still looking for quieter solutions. 

Wind Energy Isn’t Reliable 

People assume that wind power isn’t reliable because when the wind stops blowing, they believe the only option is to use traditional means. The truth is that wind can be just as dependable as polluting fossil fuels when you combine several sources of clean energy with 21st-century electricity management solutions. Most people are shocked to learn that 26 percent of all energy produced is wind energy.

Wind Is Too Expensive 

One of the most common misconceptions about wind turbines is the price of the energy it produces. Many believe that it’s a fine concept but not affordable for the public. However, this notion is outdated. In recent years, the average price of wind energy in the United States has been less than three cents per kilowatt-hour. These numbers are comparable to the costs of other electricity sources. 

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Written by Logan Voss

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