What To Consider in the Early Stages of Planning a Wedding

From finding the perfect wedding dress to choosing the right floral arrangements, organizing your fairytale wedding can get overwhelming. Luckily, achieving that dream is feasible, nonetheless. In this article, we will give you an overview of what to consider in the early stages of planning a wedding to help you prepare for your big day.

Setting a Budget

Before planning for the location and number of attendees, you should have a breakdown of the budget along with a clear vision lineup. That way, you can allocate enough funds to areas that you prioritize most as a couple.

Your budget checklist should include crucial details, such as wedding gown, floral arrangements, photographer, catering services, and venue. A good rule of thumb for wedding budgets is to allocate 5 to 10 percent of your money for unforeseen expenses during the wedding program. Above all else, remember to be realistic about your expectations and what you can afford.

Matching the Theme

Among the most important things that you need to consider is creating a unified wedding theme that envisions your dream wedding. So, sit down with your fiancé and narrow down your preferences. In doing so, you can brainstorm the perfect wedding theme that feels true to who you are as a couple.

For instance, there are many ways to choose the perfect event color palette, and they require careful attention to detail. Color palettes play a vital role in your wedding theme, so make sure to consider adding colors and elements that define your style.

These color combinations can also act as a baseline that will help you shape your wedding theme and the rest of the design elements. This is your special moment with the love of your life, so don’t fret about small stuff or compromise on the big things that mean the most to you.

Vetting Potential Vendors

Last on our list of what to consider in the early stages of planning a wedding is to list potential candidates who will bring your vision to fruition. As you consider potential vendors to work with, it’s crucial to have a concrete day for the wedding that is special to you. In addition, you should book potential venues as early as possible.

Simply put, make sure to choose the best vendor with whom you can work to make something truly exceptional. For on-the-go planning that keeps everything organized, it is advisable to compile all your correspondences with vendors and photos in a three-ring binder. You can also ask around your family and friends to see if they have any supplier recommendations. Then, you can finally move on to the next planning stages for the big day with creativity and confidence.

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Written by Logan Voss

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