The Ultimate Guide to Finding American-Made Products

Are you looking for American-made products? You’re in luck! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to find them. Whether you’re shopping online or in stores, there are many ways to support the American economy and buy products from the USA. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to finding American-made products.

What Is “Made in America?”

The phrase “made in America” can be misleading, as it doesn’t necessarily mean that a product is 100-percent American-made. According to the Federal Trade Commission, a product can count as “Made in USA” if the manufacturer creates it with significant US content. This means that the product must contain more than 50 percent American-made parts and undergo a substantial transformation in the United States.

How To Find American-Made Products

Now you know a bit of what “Made in America” means. Next, let’s look at how to find American-made products. Here are our top tips:

Tip 1: Shop Online

One of the easiest ways to find American-made products is to shop online. Several websites specialize in selling only American-made goods. You can also search for “Made in America” on your favorite online retailers’ websites, such as Amazon and eBay.

Tip 2: Look for Labels

Another easy way to find American-made products is to look for labels that indicate their country of origin. The “Made in America” label is a good indicator. Still, there are also several other labels to watch out for, including “USA,” “American Made,” and “Product of the USA.”

Tip 3: Check the Country of Origin

If you’re unsure where a product comes from, you should know that finding the answer isn’t tough. Just look for the little flag on the label or package. Most products will list their country of origin somewhere on the packaging, so it’s easy to determine whether they’re truly American-made.

Tip 4: Ask the Seller or Manufacturer

If you don’t see a label on a product indicating its origin, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the item isn’t American-made. So how do you find the truth? In this case, you’ll need to contact the seller or the manufacturer to ask where the product is from originally.

Tip 5: Read Reviews

Another easy way to find out if a product is American-made is by reading reviews. If you’re shopping online, you should know that customer reviews often indicate a product’s country of origin or where it ships from before arriving at your door. You can also look for reviews on American-made product websites.

Final Thoughts on Buying American-Made Products

Although not everyone pays attention to the origin of the goods they buy, there are many benefits to buying American-made products. Thus, when you want to shop for “Made in USA” products, you should know what that term means and how to locate answers yourself. Luckily, now that you have the ultimate guide to finding American-made products, you can quickly find goods that are up to your standards.

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Written by Logan Voss

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