Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Programs for HOAs

Do you live within a community that has an established homeowner’s association? Chances are you pay monthly fees for your HOA to take care of your home maintenance. This may include landscaping, tennis courts, elevators, pools, and water, sewer, and garbage services. As a homeowner within the community, you have the power to speak with your HOA to build a preventative maintenance plan that works best for you. In turn, you may be helping other homeowners with their maintenance plans as well. Check out the benefits of preventative maintenance programs for HOAs.


Preventative maintenance programs for HOAs will increase the reliability of the inner and outer workings of your home. Don’t wait until your air vents need to be cleaned, your alarms or detectors go bad, or you have clogged pipes. Create a maintenance program so that these important parts of your home last longer without any problems. Although an HOA won’t take care of all your home maintenance, try to negotiate with them what services you would like for them to perform on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis. Chances are you don’t want to wait until the dead of winter to replace your water heater. Establish with your HOA that you want your water heater flushed out every spring to prevent rust and lime buildup. Rest easy and increase the reliability of your home by letting your HOA handle these important maintenance tasks.


Preventative maintenance will help you to save time in the long run. Scheduling this maintenance periodically throughout the year will take a little bit of time out of your planned schedule. However, that may be better than the alternative. If an emergency pops up unplanned, it may conflict with something you already planned for the day. Not only will you have to rearrange your life around the emergency, but it may take longer to fix the issue. Troubleshooting the problem, fixing it, and cleaning up the aftermath could take up a lot of your time. In contrast, preventative maintenance is usually quick to take care of and you have the power to plan it around your schedule.


Some companies and businesses will have you pay them by the hour. If you have an emergency issue, it could become costly. Investing in preventative maintenance may not only be more affordable overall, but can also give you the freedom to budget. For example, check out the benefits of electrical preventative maintenance. If this maintenance is incorporated into your HOA costs, you can create a budget according to this monthly payment. However, if you have an emergency that your HOA may not cover, you could end up losing a good chunk of money in one sitting.

Save yourself time and money while having confidence in the reliability of your house. Do this by speaking with your HOA and planning a preventative maintenance plan together. Although we’ve covered just a few, there are many benefits to preventative maintenance programs for HOAs.

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Written by Logan Voss

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