The Benefits of Using a Laser Marking Machine

Not very long ago, manufacturers only had traditional engraving and screen printing to choose from when they needed to mark a surface with a barcode or an image. Unfortunately, both of these processes were expensive and nonpermanent. On top of that, they could also leave parts damaged.

Laser marking opens a world of new opportunities for the manufacturing industry. Read on to learn the benefits of using a laser marking machine.

Clean and Eco-Friendly

Inkjet and chemical etching require ink and chemicals to make their mark. These are consumables, which means you need to consistently replace them. They also harm the environment. Laser marking uses no consumables, which means it’s a cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

Avoid the downtime it takes to clean and load other labeling devices and opt for permanent identification with none of the hassle.


Federal law requires certain parts and products to hold identification. This ensures quality and traceability, along with other safety standards. The Food and Drug Administration also mandates the presence of unique device identifiers on all packages and labels. Laser marking can make this process simple and easy.


Some precision products require laser marking that doesn’t impact the material’s structural integrity in the slightest. While not all laser marking machines can achieve such a task, some are up to the challenge. Certain laser marking systems are non-destructive, meaning that you can mark sensitive medical equipment or military tech without worrying about damaging your product.

Reduces the Chance of Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is a sprawling problem for the pharmaceutical industry, but it’s avoidable with laser marking. Pills require highly precise marking that only a laser can achieve, which is the first (and largest) step toward reducing counterfeit pharmaceutical products in this country.

Now that you know the benefits of using a laser marking machine, you should add a non-destructive device that creates indelible marks to your process.

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Written by Logan Voss

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