Top Tips To Help You Pick the Perfect Dining Room Table

Your dining room is a crucial area for comfort and discussion, whether you’re eating dinner with your family or entertaining guests in your home. There are numerous options for customizing and designing your dining area to suit your needs and preferences. Finding a dining table set with both personality and utility is one of these methods. There’s a wide range of dining tables to choose from, so it’s difficult to choose the ideal kitchen table for your home. Here are some of our top tips to help you pick the perfect dining room table!

Measure Your Space

Don’t fall head over heels with a design just to realize that it doesn’t fit in your dining room after getting it. Instead of wasting time (and experiencing heartache), determine the functional space in which your new dining table needs to fit. Measure the length and width of the space you have. After that, subtract 80 to 100 cm from each dimension. Why? Your table should have roughly 90 cm of room on all sides to avoid a tight and unwelcoming dining setting. Consider a convertible design, such as one that can morph into a coffee or console table, if you have a tiny room or a location with several functions.

Build a Mock-Up

This may be useful if you have a list of table shapes and sizes that you’re considering but are still undecided on. With magazines, measure and mark out where the table top would be on the floor. Then, arrange the dining chairs as they would be if they were standing. Pull up a seat and take a look around. Use this low-cost trick to get a sense of how you, the table, and the area will interact.

How Will You Use It?

Will dinner parties and weekends be the only times when people sit at the table? Perhaps the best option for you is an extendable design. We recommend a highly durable tabletop material if you plan to use your table a lot for various purposes. Choose from heat- and scratch-resistant ceramic, solid wood, or glass. Tempered glass is the strongest and most scratch-resistant option. A veneer can also provide years of service, but make sure it’s a thin real wood type, since a thick one might rip away over time.

We hope you have enjoyed our top tips to help you pick the perfect dining room table! While choosing a dining room table can be difficult, selecting the perfect one without knowing what style you want is even harder! Before replacing your dining room, you can learn some of the best current living room trends in design! Examples include using lilac and flower patterns. Although you might not see their relevance at first, you can apply these to your dining room to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere throughout the home.

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Written by Logan Voss

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