What Damage To Check for After an Earthquake

An earthquake is nothing to laugh about as even a small one can do a lot of damage and put people at risk. Even in the event of a small earthquake, it’s still important to check for damages that can have lasting effects. Here’s what damage to check for after an earthquake happens around your home.

Gas Lines

One of the biggest dangers after an earthquake is broken gas lines. These breaks can cause gas to leak out from pipes into the surrounding areas. Depending on the type of break, there are a lot of potentially lethal issues with this. Vacate the area and contact authorities if you suspect a gas leak. You can often determine these leaks by smell.

Water and Electric Lines

Like gas lines, water and electric lines can break during an earthquake. A broken water line can cause property damage and flood an area, endangering those around the pipe. Electric lines can still carry electricity when broken, becoming dangerous live wires that can cause electrocution. Contact authorities if you notice damaged water or power lines.

Broken Glass

Glass is not nearly as dangerous as a broken gas line, but it still poses a risk to the people around it. Check for broken glass around your home, and clean it up once the area is safe from other damages. You will need to repair or replace the glass that has broken around your home.


An earthquake can shake the very foundation of a home and strain various parts of the house. That’s why you should check for roof and foundation damage after an earthquake. Cracks and breaks in either of these vital parts of your home can cause serious damage over time and ruin your home.

These are the damages that you should check for after every earthquake. Many people don’t think to look for these issues, but leaving them for later can cause further problems and endanger your life. It can even be beneficial to have a professional come in and inspect your home after an earthquake.

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Written by Logan Voss

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