4 Tips for Raising Kids Who Love To Fish

Many of us were raised on fishing and want to instill a love of the hobby in our children. If you grew up with a fishing pole in your hands and pond water between your toes, read on to learn four tips for raising kids who love to fish.

Focus on Fun

When you’ve enjoyed the hobby for years, you can start to appreciate the quiet moments—even when the fish aren’t biting, you’re still out on the water. For kids, the quiet moments probably won’t be as moving. Instead, you should plan some fun activities in case you show up at the fishing spot and realize that the scaly creatures just aren’t biting.

Let them search for rocks, catch tadpoles, or do whatever else catches their attention while they’re at the pond.

Make It Clear How Much You Love It

Monkey see, monkey do. When your kids see how much you love fishing, they’ll automatically respond with excitement of their own—why does Mom or Dad love this hobby so much? They’ll want to find out for themselves! Get excited when you catch a fish, and share your joy with your kids.

Practice Makes Perfect

Many kids may feel apprehensive about fishing for the first time. Casting a line is tricky for little ones, so let them get some practice in before you go on the trip. Take them out to the yard and help them get the hang of the fishing pole.

Pick a Lively Spot

Finally, don’t go after any tricky fish the first few times out. Pick a lively spot with lots of easy-to-catch fish. They may not be big, but they’ll seem enormous to your kids. No matter where you go, make sure you bring sunscreen and a fishing hat for protection.

Now that you know these four tips for raising kids who love to fish, head out on the water with your little ones and show them the magic of the hobby.

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Written by Logan Voss

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