Everything You Need to Know: Marine Frequency Converters

Whether you’re a boat or yacht owner, or have simply traveled on a boat before, you may have experienced occasional light fluctuations. These moments include flickering lights and navigational equipment to blackout infrequently. Starting the engine may even cause an onboard breaker due to a sudden flood of power. These moments can cause frustration for all involved. Luckily, there’s a solution to these problems. Marine frequency converts help regulate electrical flow and provide a continuous current. Learn everything you need to know about marine frequency converters.

Marina Power Issues

Power surges can overload a boating system. On the other hand, voltage can drop and cause an overdraw on power. This will flip the circuit breaker on the dock, which cuts off all electricity. If you are a boat operator, you’ve probably run into the issue at some point. Luckily, the right converter system can control the power you get from the dock, even increasing power.

How Converters Help

A marine frequency converter takes the current from the dock or main onboard supply. It regulates the power with specialized transformers. This allows a constant flow of power. In turn, you can have peace of mind receiving a predictable flow. Prevent loss of power or overloads due to fluctuations. Invest in a marine frequency converter and allow reliable, continuous operation.

Design and Installation

In order for a marine frequency converter to function correctly, it needs to be installed properly. Use the right type of equipment and hire the right company to do this for you. In addition to everything you need to know: marine frequency converters, the right company will help guide you and install the correct converter. This proper support team will have the professionalism to teach and decide what frequency converter will fit best on your boat. This means they will understand the difference between rated and operating voltage. A well-fitted converter with the right voltage will help the existing components on the boat. In turn, you’ll have more efficient power and excellent customer service you can count on.

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Written by Logan Voss

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