Tips on Staging Your Home for Real Estate Photos

Staging your home is one of many important steps in winning over the hearts of your potential buyers. Staging comes down to maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing visual appearance that captures the attention of the viewer.

Being detail-oriented and spotting ways to improve the presentation of a home is important for real estate photos. Think about what the buyer may be thinking when inspecting the photo. Is anything out of place? Are there any visual disturbances like clutter, open doors, and open toilet seat covers or cabinets? Read on to learn how to successfully stage your home.

Focused Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is the perfect way to capture your photos in an authentic way. While the photos are staged, you don’t want this to be too obvious. Using artificial lighting may take away from the hominess that natural light offers. Make use of the natural lighting by shooting at an earlier time in the day when the sun is at its peak and opening the blinds or windows. Just be sure not to use any overexposed shots.

No Clutter

Another tip on staging your home is to reduce clutter. If the clutter doesn’t serve a decorative purpose, take it away! Knickknacks and books on the shelf in the office function differently than miscellaneous items scattered on a kitchen table. Tidy the area and make sure there aren’t any distractions in the photos that may cause a potential buyer to click away.

Add Flowers

Including a vibrant pot of fresh flowers is an excellent way to call attention to the photo and add style to the room. Flowers and other kinds of greenery are decorative and homey, and you can use them to elevate a photo.

Clean Up

Whether it’s the front yard or backyard, be sure to tidy up the outside of the home. Pick up any trash, hide recycling and trash bins in the garage, and ensure that the yard looks well-manicured before capturing it. This maintained appearance is attractive to potential buyers and helps the property look visually appealing.

Having a properly staged home improves the odds of attracting buyers both online and at in-person open houses as well. Consider these useful tips for staging your home for real estate photos and enjoy the improvement in the quality of your photos.

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Written by Logan Voss

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