The 3 Perfect Sheets To Stay Cool in the Summer

With summer here, you’re likely thinking of changing your sheets. Rather than the warm, heat-retaining sheets you use in early spring, manufacturers design summer sheets for you to stay cool with breathable fibers. What kind of sheets fits the bill? You may be surprised to find out! Read on to learn about the three perfect sheets to stay cool in the summer.

The Comfort of Cotton

It may seem counterintuitive that this bedroom staple is the first on our list. However, high-end luxury cotton is both durable and breathable. Many cotton forms are also considered moisture resistant, perfect for people who want to stay cool at night. But this is only true of high-end luxury cotton brands. This means organic cotton percale is one of the best forms of bedding you can get. If you sacrifice quality for value, you’ll feel the consequences of this decision at night, when you’re sweating as you sleep.

The Breathability of Bamboo

Natural fiber bamboo bedding is perfect for eco-friendly consumers. Plus, they have a softness that wicks away moisture from the skin. The breathability also helps you stay cool, and the fibers are soft compared to other forms of bedding. This is an excellent option if you’re looking to get value and quality in one package. Additionally, the highest-end bamboo fiber sheets tend to be cheaper than the highest-end luxury cotton sheets.

The Durability of Linen

Linen sheets are incredibly durable and less likely to rip or fray in the washing machine. The fibers are so strong that you can expect to have them for five to ten years, well beyond cotton’s shelf life. While there are other more breathable options out there, you can get linen in stain-resistant materials. This makes it perfect for children’s bedrooms. Kids can be pretty rough and tumble with anything, so having a durable option is always ideal if you want sheets that’ll help you stay cool in the summer months.

While each type of sheets has its pros and cons, you can’t go wrong with any of the three. If you choose one of the above, you’ll be happy and cool in no time during these tough summer months.

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Written by Logan Voss

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