Things in Your Home a Home Inspector Won’t Search For

Many prospective sellers want to ensure their homes are pristine or only need minor fixes before selling. As much as you may want to check and clear everything right away, there are plenty of things in your home a home inspector won’t search for, such as vermin and asbestos.

They Don’t Do Vermin Control

Some professionals specialize in vermin control, but an ordinary home inspector won’t. Since regular evaluators don’t have credentials to control pests, you’ll need to reach out to an exterminating service for a home examination.

Inspectors check the structure of your home. So they’ll likely write down that there are bug or rat infestations. Fumigate the house with a professional exterminator.

Plumbing Is Not Their Specialty

Plumbing is not a forte of the house inspector. However, some might have a certification that allows them to look at septic tanks or swimming pools on the property. You should leave anything else to a professional plumber.

Inspectors Don’t Look at Landscaping

Landscaping is something you should be doing on your own. Just because you have someone visiting to check out your home doesn’t mean they’ll fix your landscaping issues. Have a landscaper come to redesign and repair your yard problems.

On the other hand, bad landscaping won’t deter a prospective buyer’s interest. If you’re concerned, at least fix your home’s sides by putting in plants and mowing the lawn. That’s all you need to do for a beautiful yard.

Leave the Roof to a Certified Contractor

Roofs are often an oversight before and after an inspection. Most home inspectors won’t bother with roofs, especially if they aren’t knowledgeable on what problems they should look for while examining them. Your best option is to seek a roofing contractor who can evaluate the roof for you.

Roofers have plenty of experience working on roofs, especially with the gutter system. The gutters are worth more than a few shingles. The shafts need to drain, so hire a roofer to clean the gutters before you list.

Others Must Do the Detailed Inspections

Homes have certain parts requiring more detailed inspections. Whether it’s faulty wiring or foundational issues, specific facets of the home that no home examiners will look at exist. An inspector especially won’t check for asbestos in the walls since it’s a toxin that can harm their health.

Have a professional asbestos abatement company come to examine your house and remove any signs of asbestos. When a certified professional comes to remove asbestos, you have a safer home to breathe in.

Other things a home evaluator won’t check for include:

  • Mold
  • Insulation
  • Chimneys

You shouldn’t expect your home inspector to check for these things since they involve a deeper understanding of signs to look for and how to fix the problem. Keep these things in mind as you head into your home evaluation.

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Written by Logan Voss

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