Essential Tips for New Emergency Medical Technicians

Being a new EMT can be daunting, but you’ve been training for this job, and you know what you’re doing. These are the essential tips for new emergency medical technicians. Follow these tips for success on your first day.

Bring the Right Equipment

Your ambulance has most of the necessities, but what else will you need? Have the right emergency equipment for anything that could come your way. Bring work gloves should you need to do any lifting, and always keep a pen and shears on your person.

Have Confidence in Your Training

One of the essential tips for new emergency medical technicians is to have confidence in your training. You’ve worked hard and studied for hours to get to where you are, so you deserve to believe in yourself. Be proud of yourself for all the preparation and studying you did to get to where you are.

Learn the Locations of Everything in Your Ambulance

Take some extra time in your first few days to locate everything in your ambulance. Get used to where things are as quickly as possible so you can react more quickly when you receive a patient. Familiarize yourself with everything you might need.

Get Used to Your Equipment

Mechanical equipment like stair chairs and stretchers take some getting used to. Familiarize yourself with these devices and learn how to troubleshoot them when errors occur. Getting used to this equipment during your downtime can seriously help you when things speed up again.

Get Used to the Area

Another part of being a great EMT is getting familiar with your neighborhoods. You don’t have to know every alley and backstreet, but knowing the main roads you’ll need to take to get to the hospital can be crucial in intense moments. Learn the main streets in the area you serve.

Be Humble and Resilient

Part of being a promising rookie is understanding that you don’t know everything yet. Stay humble and listen and learn when you make mistakes. Mistakes are bound to happen, but don’t let them get you down for too long. Being resilient and building yourself back up after an error is crucial to lasting in the industry. Learn to admit when you were wrong, but don’t let being wrong get you down.

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Written by Logan Voss

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