4 Common Misconceptions About Diesel Generators

Despite being one of the widespread genset types in the industry, diesel generators receive the harshest criticism. While diesel is the most prominent fuel source, four common misconceptions about diesel generators are still prevalent today.

You should read below to learn about diesel generators and their debunked myths.

Diesel Generators Are Unreliable

Many people envision generators as sputtering units that are faulty from the start. Fortunately, generators are quite the opposite! These power hubs can provide a consistent flow of power in the event of an outage or natural disaster.

Similar to most technology and machinery, diesel generators may require regular maintenance. With routine inspection and service, units can last you 15 to 20 years.

Units Pollute the Environment

When they compare diesel versus natural gas generators, many people recognize that diesel units produce significantly more emissions than natural gas alternatives. While this claim may stand for older diesel generators, newer models prioritize the environment.

Modern diesel machines are now efficient, economical, and emit cleaner emissions during use, so gone are the days when dark clouds surround industrial plants.

Diesel Generators Are Noisy

Another common misconception involves the noise diesel generators produce while in use. Outdated models were notorious for noise pollution in the past.

However, recent diesel-fueled models have improved over their predecessors and are now harmonious in their settings while delivering ample power.

Generators Are Bulky and Take Up Space

Diesel generators had a reputation for being bulky and having a monstrous footprint. However, manufacturers went back to their drawing boards and created more compact alternatives that are easy to move and take up less space on the site.

Despite being the most in-demand units, many people still debate the misconceptions about diesel generators and whether they’re worth the purchase. However, in reality, these machines are dependable and economical.

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Written by Logan Voss

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