Best Ways To Prolong the Life of a Ball Screw

Investing in quality manufacturing or production equipment can weigh significantly on a budget. Ensuring the machinery remains in good working condition for the long haul is vital to alleviate unnecessary burdens or hardships. An effective way to help prolong the life of critical machines is maintaining the ball screw assembly.

Apply Lubrication As Necessary

All ball screw assemblies require frequent and adequate lubrication. Properly lubricating the assembly enables it to function with less friction and resistance and essentially prolongs its life. When there’s little friction, wear and tear remain minimal, and degradation diminishes.

Additionally, frequently applying lubrication to the application can create ease in movement throughout the assembly. Significant signs of a ball screw assembly needing repair are visible wear and loud noises, which typically result from a lack of lubrication.

Keep the Mechanisms Clear of Debris

Before applying a fresh coat of lubrication or after each use, ensure the machine’s essential mechanisms are clear of debris. Cleaning these parts can help maintain smooth movement in all working parts and create a fluid exchange of motion in the ball screw assembly. In addition to attending to the machine’s vital assembly parts, ensure the overall working environment is free of debris that can infiltrate the mechanisms and equipment.

Ensure the Parts Are Mounted Properly

Each ball screw assembly comes with specific mounting instructions and requirements. Ensure the assembly and respective parts align with your productivity and manufacturing applications. A critical component in ensuring you can prolong the life of a ball screw is matching its essential functions to the your equipment’s needs.

A few things to consider include the initial mounting position and the ball screw’s critical speed compared to the machine’s speed.

With these standard practices, you can extend the lifecycles of vital parts and alleviate unexpected budgetary burdens. You should partner with your ball screw manufacturer to learn more about the necessary lubrication requirements suitable for your assembly.

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Written by Logan Voss

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