Essential Landscaping Equipment for Large Properties

Caring for a spacious yard/property is challenging and requires background knowledge and experience. However, having the essential landscaping equipment for large properties makes the process far easier for individuals and lawn-care workers. Check out these four items you need for proper landscaping.


Any landscaping professional will attest to how versatile a powerful blower is when caring for a large property. It’s the fastest and easiest way to clear yards of leaves, sticks, trash, and other debris.

Plus, blowers are excellent at cleaning sidewalks and other paved surfaces of grass clippings. We recommend investing in an industrial-rated blower that’s capable of blowing large chunks of land.


Most businesses and individuals opt for string trimmers to shape corners and lines for small projects effectively. However, an edger is the best way to create distinct borders on your landscape. These pieces of equipment are strong enough to cut through thicker grass and roots, providing the most accurate divisions.

Rough Cut Mower

Weeds are always the enemy, and removing them can be a challenge for larger plots of land. Luckily, rough-cut mowers can easily chop through dense grass and pesky weeds. These machines can get your yard to the most optimal length for growth and health.

They also handle well with rugged and elevated terrain. Remember that there are differences between finish and rough cut mowers. Find the best product for your client’s needs.


Mowing down an overgrown property is just step one – you also have to supply fresh seeds and fertilizer to promote growth. As you push it along, these simple devices distribute adequate amounts of seeds, fertilizer, and chemicals for pest and weed control. You can also use a sprayer for more precise pesticide/insecticide applications.

Understanding the specific and essential landscaping equipment used for large properties is extremely beneficial for land and business owners. Ultimately, the easiest way to maintain large plots of grass is with attention to detail, lots of effort, and knowledge of yard maintience.

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Written by Logan Voss

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