The Best Places in the US for Solar Power

Solar energy’s the best type of energy to use for your home. If you’re looking for the right place that’s popular for solar energy, these U.S. may be the place for your dream home. Check out our list of the best places in the U.S. for solar power.


To start, we will go over California. It is the perfect spot for solar energy. Not only is it warm all year, but it also hosts plenty of space for homes with solar panels. Since it’s sunny nearly all the time, you’ll get plenty of use out of solar panels the entire year.


Hawaii’s another excellent place to check out solar energy. It’s sunny and fun, and you can expect sun for a good portion of the year. It’s not only perfect for dream vacations, but it’s also excellent for homes with improved energy power.


A state truly known for its sunshine, Florida’s another place you’ll find solar panels to be the most helpful thing. Not only do you save more money in the long run, but you’ll be in a place where it’s more common to see homes using solar panels.


The state you may not expect on this list is Texas. Texas boasts a fantastic climate that ranges from dry to tropical. Since the state is the center of the U.S. and an energy powerhouse, Texas is seeing a dramatic shift from coal power to solar panels. Expect to find more homes using sun energy than coal or other energy supplies.


Living in the desert, you can expect sun all hours of the day. The entire state also has a lot of solar power users, possibly second to Florida for the most solar-energy homes. Nevada’s perfect to live in for year-round sunlight and more ways to utilize solar power.


Colorado’s another candidate for the best places to live for solar energy. If you want to get lost in the mountains or another part of Colorado that’s flat, this is the place for you. Aside from receiving partial sunlight, Colorado’s one of 20 states offering a tax incentive for solar power.

Bask in the sunlight and enjoy living in a place that thrives off the sun’s energy. You’ll find that using solar power saves more money, grants better incentives during tax season, and creates a pollution-free zone in your community.

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Written by Logan Voss

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