How To Prepare Your Food Truck for the Fall

If you want to stay on top of everything this fall, have your food truck ready. As we shift from long, warm days to cool, shorter ones, you should make the appropriate changes to prepare a food truck for the fall. Here’s a guide on how to do that.

Plan Out Your Strategy For the Slow Season

Fall is one of the slower seasons for the food industry, as many consumers choose to stay home and order takeout instead of going out to eat. Fall is still rampant with business, but maybe not as much as before.

As business steadies, you could consider other ways to keep yourself busy the rest of the year, such as planning catering events for business meetings, conventions, or the occasional wedding. Whatever the event is, customers will find a reason to book far enough in advance for you to start preparing now.

Other things to consider keeping yourself booked with include:

  • Building a newsletter
  • Creating an end-of-summer menu
  • Researching ways to prepare for winter

Consider Making Modifications to Your Food Truck

If you need upgrades of any kind, even if that means buying an entirely new food truck, then make the changes now. Enhancements make work easier for employees, especially when working out of a vehicle.

For many reasons, you may change how you power everything, so you should buy a generator. While the generator works well to provide power—and offers a backup grid—it’s not the only thing you should upgrade.

Repair and Maintain the Truck Often

Your food truck will need to be maintained well, including your generator. Generators produce a lot of power, but they may not use up an entire tank of fuel, depending on the type. For any excess, ensure you properly store the generator’s fuel, especially if you plan to close in the late fall for winter.

Revamp Your Menu

Menus can always get an upgrade! If you have been planning and experimenting with different recipes, consider adding them to a new menu. Whether it’s seasonal or a major overhaul of your dishes, renewing the menu gives customers a reason to leave the house and the chance to try out new dishes.

Create a Seasonal Menu

Seasonal menus keep customers coming back. From pumpkin spiced treats to caramel apples, having a small menu of varied items can bring in more crowds.

It’s essential to have a good menu, but more importantly, you need to know how to prepare your food truck for the fall. Start planning your preparations now for a smoother season; even during the slow days, you’ll be on top of everything!

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Written by Logan Voss

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