The Most Realistic House-Flipping Shows To Watch This Season

It hurts to tell you this, but House Hunters is more fabricated than you’d think. You see, the guests used in the show are real people, and their stories are real, but the homes they view aren’t. Most of the time, they use a home they recently bought and made, plus two other houses owned by close friends or family members.

While that show is somewhat realistic, what about the house-flipping shows? Well, you have a selection of the most realistic ones to watch this season. Check out the carefully compiled list of shows to watch.

Flip or Flop

This show, which lasted a solid nine years, starred contractor Tarek El Moussa and designer Christina Haack. The power couple worked on homes throughout Southern California, turning old, abandoned homes into newer, modern ones.

The episodes explore their process, from inspections to fixing up the home to finding their ups and downs to scheduling the open house. A lot in this show is true to real life, and they use actual funds they’ve earned from house flips to fund newer projects.

It does a great job of reflecting on how necessary it is to have a certified contractor on your team and how communication across all channels is insanely vital.

Flipping 101

This show’s a spin-off of Flip or Flop. It first aired in 2021 and is still on—you can watch it on Amazon Prime—and it stars Tarek El Moussa. The show follows an experienced contractor who helps guide amateurs in their house flips. The TV show amazingly shows realistic scenarios of what goes on daily in the planning and execution stages.

The show sums up the reasons you should consider house flipping and the importance of connecting with local contractors who can guide you through the house-flipping process.

My First Home

While this show isn’t necessarily about house flipping, it gives first-time homebuyers a glimpse into the profitability of picking homes that are worth buying and not settling for a fixer-upper (if you don’t want to).

The most critical lessons in this show come down to real estate trends, especially local ones. The show makes it apparent that speaking with a Realtor is the best choice if you want to get everything on your wish list.

It’s important to know the show you watch is realistic. As more house-flipping shows come out, start by watching the above-mentioned this season and let yourself into the house-flipping world to learn a thing or two from the pros.

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Written by Logan Voss

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