What You Should Know Before Buying a New Auger

Anyone from a homeowner to a professional in construction or contracting could benefit from having an auger in their tool collection. This machine comes in many sizes and could be used to drill holes into the ground for posts, garden planting, and landscaping. Before you buy a new auger to add to your tool kit, consider the important information you should know about them first.

Two Main Types of Augers

While there are many sizes of augers, there are two main types you could purchase for your business or home—handheld or tractor-mounted. Handheld augers are self-contained and can be held by hand as they dig through the earth. It is essential to note that while a single person can hold a two-cycle machine, a four-cycle digger has a lot more power and may require multiple people to hold the equipment in place.

Tractor-mounted augers attach to a tractor through a hitch and power the digger through the power-take-off or hydraulics of the tractor. This type is convenient for businesses that need to dig multiple wide and deep holes throughout the day. Find a high-quality auger and ensure your tractor has the right hitch and horsepower to effectively power the digger.

Auger Sizes and Their Uses

Now that you understand the two types of augers, you can consider the various options that differ in hole size. On the smaller end of the spectrum, a two- to three-inch auger is ideal for gardeners planting small bulbs of fruits, vegetables, or flowers. Four- to five-inch machines dig holes for smaller fence posts and larger plants, while the seven-inch auger can help dig holes for 4×4 posts or plant trees and shrubs. Lastly, the largest auger, which is eight to nine inches, creates holes to fit large 6×6 fence posts.

Auger Bit Attachments

Before buying a new auger, you should know that there are multiple removable attachments you can add to your machine to dig better holes. These are excellent components to have when you need to create multiple holes in varying sizes. Because there are many sizes available, you must ensure the bit you decide to use fits the diameter and length of the digger—this will also determine how wide and deep the hole will be.

Consider the type of applications you plan on performing with the auger to better understand which one you might need. Handheld is best for simpler applications, whereas tractor-mounted equipment is best for businesses that dig holes daily or frequently. Keep in mind the above information when you’re purchasing your next auger.

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Written by Logan Voss

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