Different Factors That Wear a Metal Roof

Metal roofing is a common material on commercial buildings. It’s affordable, recyclable, and highly durable, and it boasts an impressive lifespan. It’s also great at protecting buildings from leaks and other damages. However, these types of roofing are susceptible to damage. Here are three different factors that wear down a metal roof quickly.


The biggest factor that can wear down your metal roof is, quite simply, time! Metal roofing, as with any type of construction material, has a finite lifespan. Most metal roofing lasts anywhere from 25–40 years and will require significant repairs and replacements following that period. Over time, coupled with the other factors on this list, your roof will degrade and worsen in quality. If you notice any particularly concerning problems, they might be signs it’s time to restore your roof.


A major factor that negatively affects the structural integrity of your metal roof is the weather. Natural elements put a beating on metal roofs and can lead to pesky leaks and cracks. Heavy snow is potentially the biggest culprit relating to metal roof damage, as it stresses the structure. More so, melting snow produces a steady stream of water that doesn’t drain easily, leading to rust. However, other weather events like severe storms, heavy rainfall, and high-speed winds all have the potential to cause issues for your metal roof.

Human Interference

Metal roofs are often atop commercial buildings like warehouses and offices, and these buildings often require frequent servicing of vents, fans, and pumps—these objects have components on the roof. As such, foot traffic can cause significant wear to your metal roof, especially when individuals use improper repair procedures and practices. Dropping tools, scratching metal surfaces, and puncturing the roof are all common incidents. Any worker who operates on the roof must proceed with caution and care.

There are many different factors that wear down a metal roof, but ensuring you carefully and diligently maintain and repair any issues can help boost your roof’s longevity. Remember that professionals should conduct all metal roof repairs with expert experience, as improper servicing and installation can contribute to metal roof wear and tear.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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