Rules for Coordinating Mismatched Nursery Furniture

Your choice of theme, wall color, and furniture material can determine how well the design of your child’s nursery flows. But does it matter if you mismatch furniture? It does. If you don’t do it right, you could create a cluttered room. Find out the top four rules for coordinating mismatched nursery furniture.

Keep Everything the Same Size

This first rule matters the most. After measuring the bedroom, research nursery set sizes so that you know what will fit. While you might want oversized furniture to create an overly elaborate room, remember that your baby will need space to move around as they grow. Focus on buying things that fit well in the space and are a reasonable size rather than choosing a hodge-podge of items that will clutter the area.

Choose Simplicity Over Extravagance

Simplicity doesn’t mean buying expensive, high-tech items that will be hard to maintain. Instead, simplicity means buying something that’s simple, durable, and meshes well with the other pieces in a space. Take your time choosing the nursery’s furniture, being just as careful with this selection as you were with the nursery’s theme.

You don’t need to go overboard with design or organization; focus on including only the things you need. If you decide that ample storage is a must-have, consider purchasing a chest of drawers that will make organization easier and that goes well with your mismatched furniture.

Trust Your Contrasting Instincts

If something doesn’t work with your design plans, don’t follow through on it. Moving forward in spite of your better judgment will leave you with regret about buying furniture that’s too big or doesn’t match the other furnishings.

While creating the nursery, focus on keeping materials consistent. If you’d like to use an old wooden rocking chair in the space but find that it doesn’t match your chosen aesthetic, revamp it with paint to match the nursery theme. The chair’s new color will complement your overall design despite the fact that it doesn’t match the other furniture perfectly.

Decorate the Room With Accessories

Accessories bring a room together, but they should still go with your theme. Try to keep your decorations within the same style, as this will help make the décor feel more cohesive. Use end tables, rugs, wall art, and curtains to create a balanced room that comes together nicely.

Following these rules for coordinating mismatched nursery furniture can help you navigate the search for furniture, choose matching accessories, and ensure everything fits within the nursery space. Trust yourself and your design preferences; you’ll soon see the bedroom’s design plans fall into place.

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Written by Logan Voss

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