How To Raise Your Puppy To Become a Show Dog

We all think our dogs are perfect and adorable, so much so that some owners sign their purebred up for dog shows. During these events, canine experts judge how well-behaved a dog is plus whether it’s an ideal representation of the breed. Participating in these events requires carefully training your dog and understanding the breed qualifications. Keep reading this article for more information about how to raise your puppy to become a show dog!

Attend a Dog Show

Jumping right into things is never easy, so it’s a good idea to attend a dog show to better understand what to expect. After the show, you may also be able to talk to some of the contestants for ideas on how you can train your pup.

Register Your Dog

If you decide this is the perfect activity for you, get your puppy registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). To do this, you’ll need to provide information on your dog’s breed, date of birth, the parent’s names, registration number from the breeder, and more. If your pup receives approval, you’ll receive a certificate in the mail so you can enroll your dog in shows.

Go to Obedience School

Basic obedience school is essential for any dog—show dog or not—and helps them learn their place in your household. The AKC offers dog-training clubs across the U.S. You can enroll your pup to begin working with the professionals.

Many seasoned participants in this type of event recommend working with a professional canine handler specializing in show dogs. These individuals are experts in training and can prepare you for the competition.

Know Breed Requirements

The AKC has specific rules for how each breed or mixed breed should look to qualify. For example, Dobermans typically need cropped ears and docked tails; Joie de Vivre raises Doberman puppies and has excellent information on the appropriate ear cropping style for the breed. Likewise, other breeds require specific haircuts and styles; dogs cannot be neutered or spayed either. 

Socialize Your Dog

Proper socialization is another important tip for raising your puppy to become a show dog. During a competition, your pup will remain in an area with many other dogs within their breed group—they can’t lash out with aggression or tug on the leash to play. All dogs must remain focused on their owner and follow your commands.

Enjoy Your Time Together

While dog shows are a competition, focus on having fun with your furry friend. Training is an excellent way to bond, and getting ready for these events takes time. Even the best dog doesn’t win every show their owner enrolls them in, and that’s okay. Enjoy this exciting activity as you work as a team in each competition.

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Written by Logan Voss

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