Tips To Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Mobile Home

Mobile homes have come a long way. There are so many new developments and enhancements available for them that they can be quite attractive. They don’t need to look boxy or one-dimensional. There are plenty of ways to beautify and improve the curb appeal of your mobile home.

Focus on the Trim

The outer trim on most mobile homes looks the same as others. Small architectural accents added to the door and windows will make a difference. Consider installing some shutters or panels on the sides of the windows.

If your mobile home has a porch attached to it, then a retractable awning can be a nice addition. It also makes your mobile home more desirable during the summer and spring months because it adds an inviting look. On the porch, you can include some outdoor furniture. You can also dress the space up with throw pillows and a few string lights around the roof.

Switch Out the Door

The standard white door and screen door on mobile homes are so plain. They don’t scream personality. Switching out the door is a bigger job than adding patio furniture, so you may need to get permission first. Check with your homeowners’ association, if you have one, and see if they have any restrictions regarding door replacements.

The new door needs to make a statement, so avoid going with another standard white one. Consider installing one with color or going for a wooden door. A wooden door will give the appearance of a stationary home and make the structure stand out. Furthermore, replacing the door is a mobile home repair you can do yourself.

Repaint the Exterior

Mobile homes can endure some wear and tear over time, especially if they spend lots of time in transit. All that movement can result in built-up dirt, grim, and peeled paint. If there are signs of discoloration, consider repainting the exterior with a fresh coat.

Sometimes, the exterior maintenance can be as simple as power washing the sides. Never power wash a mobile home on the highest level. Start off low and gradually build up to the more difficult areas.

Add Landscaping

There are areas where a small patch of grass can grow or a few flowers and bushes. As the owner, you can also just add a few bushes to the porch or patio. Landscaping the surrounding property can also include adding a walkway toward the door.

A cobblestone path and path lighting leading up to the entrance adds a nice touch to the mobile home’s overall look. Try to keep things symmetrical. What you do to one side of the house, you should try and do to the other. It will make for a more uniform and even look.

Mobile homes are more than just houses on wheels. Carrying out these tips to improve your mobile home’s curb appeal will prove it.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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