The Most Popular Zipper Brands in the World

Nearly all of us probably have several zippers around us. Whether it’s on the pants you’re wearing right now, the backpack in your closet, or the coat hanging by the front door, a zipper is likely on some clothes or gear you use throughout the week. However, while many brands create their own products, the zippers typically come from outside sources. It’s interesting to see who some of the most popular zipper brands in the world are and how they leave their mark on things we use every day.


Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, or YKK, is a Japanese company that’s actually the number one zipper manufacturer in the world. If you look through your closet or dresser, you’re likely to find at least one article of clothing that has the iconic “YKK” on the zipper. This company creates affordable and reliable zippers that come in styles that work on everyday clothes and heavy-duty equipment. YKK products are reliable, and the company makes metal and plastic zippers that are easy to repair.


When considering the most popular zipper brands in the world, it’s not always about what’s the most common but what makes the biggest impression. People typically see Riri brand zippers as high end and fashionable. They’re on the clothing of some of the biggest fashion brands. Riri zippers have distinct zipper sliders that glide smoothly without sticking. You can often tell if a fashionable piece is high in quality by checking if it has a Riri zipper on it.


People often consider Glossy zippers as a lower-tier option compared to Riri. However, they still maintain style, elegance, and stability, making them a good choice for many items. Glossy zippers also come in many styles and have elegant sliders that work on fashionable pieces without the more extreme costs you see from a Riri zipper. You can typically find these zippers on leather jackets and handbags.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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