4 Maintenance Tips To Prevent Pool Deck Damage

Regular wear and tear is a part of the equation for any pool deck—however, just because you know that foot traffic will happen doesn’t mean you can neglect other care steps. Cracks, flaking, and stains are all issues that can be largely avoided by following a few of our suggestions! Read on to learn four maintenance tips to prevent pool deck damage.

Regular Cleanings

The simplest way to keep your pool deck in great shape is with regular cleanings. Make sure to start by sweeping debris like leaves and dirt away from the deck (and away from your pool). A pressure washer can make short work of any tough-to-remove stains. Be sure to refer to your pressure washer’s manual to use it on the right settings to avoid damaging the concrete.

Apply Sealant

Sealant application is not a one-time thing. While it’s not something you should do every year, you will want to apply it (or have someone apply it) every so often. Generally, you should reseal your pool deck every two to five years, depending on how much you use it. Look for sealants designed especially for concrete pool decks, and don’t forget to follow the sealant’s specific instructions.

Chemical Protection

Pool chemicals like chlorine are good for the water but bad for your deck. If you spill any pool chemicals on your deck, make sure you rinse them off as soon as possible. The longer you leave chemicals on your deck, the more likely they are to cause a problem.


Even if you follow these steps, you should still be aware that other things can cause pool deck flaking and cracking. That’s why you should perform a routine inspection every few months to look out for damage. If you spot something, contact a professional to get it handled the right way.

Now that you know these four maintenance tips to prevent pool deck damage, make sure to follow them! It isn’t difficult to keep your pool deck looking beautiful and crack-free for years to come with these simple steps.

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Written by Logan Voss

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