Safety Precautions for Construction Workers in the Summer

Warm weather doesn’t stop construction. This is the season when it’s safest for workers to complete their projects. However, even though the temperatures are no longer freezing and the snowstorms are gone, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t dangers crews need to be aware of. Look over these safety precautions for construction workers in the summer.

Keep Water Close By

Stay hydrated. Warm weather and the sun are two very unforgiving elements. Working long hours in warm weather is bound to dehydrate you. Construction jobs are incredibly physically demanding. You need to keep a canteen or water jug close to maintain energy.

Encourage all crew members to carry a water container with them. Be sure to follow OSHA requirements by having a hand washing station on site. Crew members can clean their hands and refill their water bottles if necessary. Also, have a supply of water bottles on site as an extra precaution.

Avoid High Peak Hours

It’s a good idea to work during daylight hours, but not the smartest to work when the sun is the highest in the sky. You don’t want to stop production completely because you’re on a timeline. But you also want to keep your health in mind.

Avoid working long stretches of time under direct sunlight. This is the perfect time to take a break in a nice, shaded area. Complete portions of work that you must perform in the open during the early or late hours of the day.

Dress Appropriately

Of course, we don’t mean that you should step on the site in a pair of shorts and flip-flops. It may be summertime, but it’s still a construction site. Dressing appropriately means staying covered but keeping the colors of the attire light.

Avoid dark colors because they’ll trap heat like nobody’s business. Lighter-colored clothing will protect you from UV rays and experiencing a possible heat stroke. They’ll keep your body temperature down by reflecting light rather than absorbing it like dark clothing. Make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen too.

Eat Strategically

Doing construction can work up a hearty appetite. But this isn’t an excuse to pig out. Eating heavy meals will make you sluggish during the day. Think about how you feel after taking in a lot of carbs. You probably want to take a nap, right?

You need to remain sharp and alert on a construction site. Choose lighter, healthier meals that give you plenty of energy and are still very filling. Salty snacks throughout the day can replenish the sodium you lose through sweat. Just make sure you keep water close by to stay hydrated as well.

Stay safe on that construction site this summer by following these precautions.

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Written by Logan Voss

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