Why Powder Coating Aluminum Is Better Than Painting

When adding a protective layer to aluminum surfaces, painting and powder coating are two popular options. Though both offer benefits, powder coating is the superior option. Powder coating is applying an electrostatically charged powder to the aluminum surface. It is then cured through heat, creating a strong and durable layer.

In contrast, painting aluminum leaves a thinner layer susceptible to chipping, peeling, and fading. Let’s explore why powder coating is better than painting for treating aluminum surfaces.

More Durable and Long Lasting

One of the main benefits of powder coating aluminum is that it creates a more permanent bond between the powder and the surface. It also penetrates the aluminum’s pores, improving adhesion and long-lasting protection. This process creates a more durable surface and is resistant to fading, chipping, peeling, and corrosion. This durability makes powder coating ideal for high-traffic areas and harsh environments, particularly in industrial and commercial settings.

Provides a Thicker Coating

Another factor that makes powder coating better than paint is the thickness of the coating. Powder coating aluminum is thicker than paint, usually measuring around 2–3 mm. This thickness is beneficial in that it provides additional protection for the surface. Because the surface is thicker, it can withstand more abuse, such as being bumped or scraped. This thickness makes it a safer and more durable option, particularly in areas where you can expect a lot of exposure, such as industrial environments.

Resistant to Damages

Apart from their thickness, powder coatings have a more even spread and coverage than paints. This evenness ensures that the entire surface has an even layer without drips or globs that can cause surface defects and irregularities. It also reduces the likelihood of cracking and peeling after some time. For this reason, unlike painted aluminum, powder-coated aluminum can withstand extreme weather conditions, salt water, and sunlight.

Wide Array of Color Options

Unlike painting, powder coating offers ample customization options for color and texture. Powder coatings are available in almost unlimited colors and can be blended to achieve any hue or effect. You can also purchase them in smooth, matte, high-gloss, or metallic finishes. This versatility ensures you can meet the aesthetic needs of your project while ensuring its protection and durability.

Powder coating aluminum is superior to painting in various ways. It is more durable, provides a thicker coat, and can withstand harsher conditions. Moreover, its smooth spread and coverage ensure that the surface remains flawless and corrosion-free for an extended period. Powder coating is just one of the types of finishes for aluminum extrusions and can work well to meet the aesthetic needs of any project. It is an excellent choice for protecting and preserving aluminum surfaces in almost all conditions.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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